Thursday 27 January 2022     8:17

Coolak Gharb Ilam company established in 2001 for producing Non-alcoholic carbonated beverage and mineral water. The construction activities started at 2002 in the area of 4000 m2 (the total area is 14000 m2) in Shabab industrial region (40 Km in north of Ilam city, Iran) and finished in 2004. At the beginning Just carbonated beverage (1.5 liter only) were producing in four tastes including cola, orange, lemon and lemonade. In 2005 we decided to complete our production with producing mineral water of 1.5 liter and 500cc. Now 60 people are employed in the company and we distribute products as export and for internal use.
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Coolak Gharb Co., Shabab Industrial Region, Sarableh, Ilam, Iran